Cube Vet

The all-rounder among the VET analyzers.
The EUROLyser solo is a veterinary medical analyzer — a pocket-sized laboratory — that impresses with its simple operation and compact design. The solo analyzer is the ideal addition to your existing chemistry analyzer, as it offers parameters that you can otherwise only analyze in a send-in laboratory or a complex test device:
cCRP, T4, Fructosamine, Lipase (pancreas specific), Fibrinogen, SAA, GLDH, Phenobarbital, Ammonia and Lactate are available as single cartridges.
All tests are pre-calibrated, long-term stable and validated against "Golden Standard Methods". The list of parameters is constantly being expanded.

Dimensions & weight

23.5 x 13 x 14.5 cm (with Tablet PC)
2.4 kg

Connectivity & data management

Bidirectional data transfer to practise management software, HIS and LIMS

Verwaltungssoftware, KIS und LIMS

RFID technology

Automatic detection of lot expiry date

Indication of remaining tests

Pre-set calibration curves

Tablet PC interface

Convenient Android-app-based handling

Bluetooth, USB and RS-232 connectivity

Wi-Fi software updates

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