Sharper analysis, simpler reading, greater autonomy: the Hb9210
Premier makes the very most of the IFCC and NGSP certified method for HbA1 c analysis - with A. Menarini Diagnostics' experience and know-how to power and back it up.

No Hb variant interference
The Boronate affinity method prevents any interference due to the main abnormal Hb, e.g. Hb Variants, Carbamylated Hb or Labile Fraction.

66 s/test output
The Hb921 O Premier is by far the fastest HPLC analyser not affected by Variant haemoglobins on the market today.

210-position autosampler
The Hb921 O Premier's great sampling capa city (21 O samples with no downtime) endows it with extended autonomy.

lntegrated calibration & controls
State-of-the-art integration of calibration and control plus the Hb9210. Premier's capacity to integrate extra hardware guarantee 100% reliable walkaway automation, even for heavy overnight routines.

User-friendly software and touchscreen
Test results come in a two-peaks chromatogram on an exclusive touchscreen, which allows a quicker, more intuitive interaction with the system, while the Hb9210. Premier's software ensures total traceability of the samples, QC, reagents, users and activities.

CV< 2%
High precision diagnosis.

Double reporting
All results appear both in DCCT and IFCC units.

Technical Specifications

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