The LIOFeron®TB/LTBI is a cytokine release assay for quantitative determination of Interferon Gamma (IFN-γ) produced by human blood cells stimulated with Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens.

The assay may react positive in TB patients but also in latent tuberculosis (LTBI) patients.  

The kit is made of two components, Human blood stimulation tubes (picture 1) and Human IFN-γ ELISA (picture 2).


Test procedure 

The LIOFeron®TB/LTBI test is a simple laboratory TB blood test that involves the following steps:

1 - Transfer 1 mL of human blood sample (Li-Heparin) into each stimulation tube

2 - Incubate for 16 to 24 hours at 37°C

3 - Detect released IFNγ in harvested plasma by ELISA


Results can then be analysed using the LIOFeron Stand-alone Software:

Standalone SW

Test performances

The LIOFeron®TB/LTBI assay has shown very good sensitivity and specificity performances in diagnosing active TB patients (90% and 98% respectively) and excellent sensitivity and specificity performances in diagnosing LTBI subjects (94% and 97%)[1].


The LIOFeron®TB/LTBI can be used in many clinical and public health settings, including screening for healthcare workers, people who have spent time with someone who has TB disease, people from a country where TB disease is common, people who live or work in high-risk settings (for example: correctional facilities, long-term care facilities or nursing homes, and homeless shelters), infants, children and adolescents exposed to adults who are at increased risk for latent tuberculosis infection or TB disease.








Prevention of new infections of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and their progression to tuberculosis (TB) disease is critical to reduce the burden of ill health and death caused by TB, and to achieve the End TB Strategy targets set for 2030 (-80%).







[1] LIOFeronTB/LTBI: A novel and reliable test for LTBI and tuberculosis, Chiara Della Bellaa, Michele Spiniccia, Heba F. Mustafa Alnwaisria, Filippo Bartalesia, Simona Tapinassia, Jessica Mencarinia, Marisa Benagianoa, Alessia Grassia, Sofia D’Eliosc, Arianna Troiloa, Arailym Abilbayevad, Dinara Kuashovad, Elmira Bitanovad, Anel Tarabayevad, Eduard Arkadievich Shuraleve, Alessandro Bartolonia, Mario Milco D’Elios.

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